Wednesday, 10 November 2021

CAS Conference "Celebrating CAS" 2021


At the of end May we organized annual CAS conference "Celebrating CAS". Due to pandemic situation it was organized online, but still students gave their astonishing effort and knowledge to present their 2 years CAS activities and CAS projects.

Sharing is caring - IB DP alumni students

 Every new school year our IB DP alumni students are coming back to school to share good practices with the freshers. They are presenting their experiences and discuss important IB DP issues. It is a significant meetings, because students understand a lot new about IB and Diploma Programme.

International Erasmus + project “Transdigital Education. Developing Key Competences through Holistic Learning and Teaching in the Digital Age” Module 2 – Environmental Engagement and Awareness


On the 21-24th September students from Spain, Germany, Poland and Lithuania gathered in Denmark, IKAST-BRANDE gymnasium for the International Erasmus + project “Transdigital Education. Developing Key Competences through Holistic Learning and Teaching in the Digital Age” Module 2 – Environmental Engagement and Awareness meeting.
            During the first project day all the participants were divided into mixed groups (DECLINE OF BIODIVERSITY, REWILDING, CONNECTING PEOPLE AND NATURE, INTERDEPENDENCE AND VUNLERABILTY OF ECOSYSTEMS) and had to prepare for MUN debate about the environmental problems. Members from local municipality were also invited and included into debate discussion. After debate project participants presented their homework – taken pictures from their own countries.
            Second day of the project started in Mol’s national park. We were met by national park biologist who invited us to have a hike in national park ant presented the problems that occurs in the park. Student’s saw wild horses, cattle and flora. Next visit was to Botanical park in Arhus where biologist talked about environmental problems in Denmark.

            Third day of the project was related with IB CAS activities. Students had to build hotel for insects and bird houses. It was really a significant activities and the main aim was successfully reached, because all students were involved in work-progress.
            The last day of the project was intended for project reflection. Students made and presented a leaflets/brochures about the project activities.

Food Bank 2021


On the 8-9th October IB DP students took part in annual national charity event "Food Bank". During event students helped to collect food to families and elderlies.

International conference “Finding your voice in a global world“

On November 11th Kaunas Jablonskis Gymnasium hosted a conference for its 90th anniversary, with the key idea being “Finding your voice in a global world“. Guests speakers from Ukraine, Taiwan, India discussed a wide range of topics ranging from “Meaning of life” to “Helping students find their voice through poetry”. These teachers and educators shared their interesting life stories as third culture kids, volunteers, ex-pats.

During the conference itself, students presented their research and analysis on a topic of their choosing, such as identity, literature, cinematography, or historical personalities. One of our students Matas Kenstavičius presented Gražbylė Venclauskaitė, an attorney, who graduated from Didždvaris Gymnasium and her family, who were famous for raising a hundred orphans in their home. Matas shares his experience: It was a meaningful and insightful conference, where I got the chance to research and learn about a significant part of Šiauliai history, and to hear interesting presentations about squatting, Ernest Hemmingway, the concept of neoliberalism, and much more. Overall, it was a great experience during which I improved my presenting, analysis, and critical thinking skills.

Monday, 1 February 2021

3rd Annual CAScade international conference

 At the end of January IB school from India CHIREC organised 3rd annual CAScade conference where participants from 76 countries presented their CAS projects. Our IB2 student Airidas presented VB Cup basketball tournament, which is annual and IB students are always organising it.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

VB Cup Basketball Tournament

After one year break VB Cup basketball tournament is alive! This is a CAS project for IB1 students.