Monday, 28 October 2019

Food Bank 2019

During late October our school's volunteers contributed to Food Bank initiative and encouraged people to donate food for Family house "Motinos Teresės šeimų namai". Students volunteered in several grocery shops and warehouses in the town encouraging and collecting food from people who bought long-life for the families in need. Even though it is said that the rich doesn't feel empathy for poor, people were very generous and donated a lot of food, which will make poor children's winter easier. For volunteers it was very rewarding to talk with people and ask for their help to support families. Sometimes it is hard to ask for help and that's what you can learn from this activity- to be not afraid to ask for support and help when needed. Also every time someone donated food it was very heart-warming to thank those people and feel their genuine willingness to help. It is very important to contribute and do one's duty for the society and people in need because poverty can hit anyone, doesn't matter one's age, gender, race. So showing empathy for others and taking action to fight social inequality was very rewarding to IB student volunteers.

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