Thursday, 5 December 2019

Maltese soup event 2019

Early in December IB students from Didzdvaris gymnasium participated in charity campaign Maltesers soup. Every year before Christmas, Maltesers charity collects donations for lonely, poor and disabled children and elderly people. On early Saturday morning volunteers from IB1 and IB2 gathered at one of the main shopping centers and encouraged people to donate for one of the most vulnerable members of our society. IB students collected donations from people and thanked them by giving a post card or Christmas’ toy. Some volunteers’ helped outside the shopping center by serving soups for donations. This kind of service of IB students contributed to the society and improved our own personal skills. Through Maltesers charity campaign we improved our communicative skills by politely asking people for help and donations, we became more open minded and caring, because when you find out more about a problem like poverty and contribute to its tackling, you feel more empathy for other people and understand them better.

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