Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Participation in „Food Bank” campaign

  On the third weekend in October, more than 40 IB students from Didždvaris gymnasium together with children from other educational institutions took part in annual and 15th “Food Bank” campaign. Only on Friday IB1 students managed to talk into 332 customers of “Maxima” in Rūdės str. 14 to help others who live in poverty to feel remembered and full again. 684 food products were donated on the same day with a goal to raise as much as possible for the local children center.
People were divided into several groups with different tasks: to inform customers about the campaign and handle the list of needed products, to gather bought goods from the people, to mark donated products in the table. One of the volunteers who participated in the event shared that “although offering every person to buy something for a stranger is hard, knowing that I’m doing this for a greater cause makes me understand the value of our work here” Students after the big weekend were also discussing how much people actually are willing to help others.
15th anniversary of “Food Bank” campaign is the one to remember in numbers of people involved and products donated. Let’s hope that the upcoming year will be even more successful and even more help will be provided for the ones in need.
Gabija Godaitė, IB1

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