Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Lake march

  On 21st  of November, 2015 there was a march to Kurtuvėnai Region Park.
On  Saturday morning students not only from our gymnasium, but also from other schools left Šiauliai to explore stunning lakes in the area. At the beginning of the day participants were introduced to brief local history and then the march began.

The entire walk lasted 8 hours, visiting several lakes out of 30 existing and learning some interesting facts - the origin of their names, for instance. Students also climbed up the mounds, that formed during ice age while ice was moving away from the territory of Lithuania. It was a great challenge to reach the top of those little hills – as trees and brushwoods were in the way.

The nature is amazing, landscape is beautiful and it was a great joy to take a meal break near the biggest tree in the area.

Participants were blessed with brilliant weather. Although, after the rain few days ago dumpness remained in the woods. A couple of students from DG experienced sliding downhill while trying to get down.

As the march ended, the whole group took a picture to see who survived this long march! Everyone was tired, but nonetheless, students had smiles on their faces – they were glad how they had spent their day.

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