Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Aid for Kenya village project

 On 16th of November during the International Tolerance Day the opening of charity event for Kenya’s Matisi kids was held in the Assembly Hall of Didždvaris Gymnasium. During it, volunteer from Croatia, Aldo Franičević introduced his experience gained from working as a teacher in Kenya, told stories of local children, their living habits and conditions of their home and school. Moreover the exhibition of Aldo‘s pictures was opened and displayed in the school‘s lobby. Not only were the pictures impressive but they also showed severe condition of every day lives of Kenya‘s children.
This event was an encouragement for whole Didždvaris
community to unite and to donate for the sake of honorable and generous cause.
 On the 30th of November Didždvaris Gymnasium celebrated  International Friend’s Day.
During the long breaks, students were selling various kinds of home-made delicacies: pies, cupcakes, cookies. One of the most active parts of participants were students of IB1. For the sake of good mood some of the students were singing or playing different kind of music instruments.
Obviously, the money earned was donated to the charity for Kenya’s Matisi kids.
It was very pleasant to see that Didždvaris community actively participated in this event. It showed that not only are we thinking locally but we also want to make a global change.  
 On the 7th of December chess tournament, which was also a closing ceremony of charity  for Kenya’s kids, was held in the library of Didždvaris Gymnasium.
This tournament was special because it was honored by the presence of Viktorija Čmilytė, former student of Didždvaris Gymnasium, member of the parliament of Lithuania and also Lithuanian chess grandmaster.
During the event she competed with 23 students. After two hours of tensed game three best players, who managed to stay in the game the longest time, were revealed: Justinas Benikasas (TB2), Povilas Mikalauskas (TB1), Gabrielė Fokaitė (IIb).
In the end, students gave the guest some presents, which will hopefully remind Viktorija of Didždvaris and her time spent here. 

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