Tuesday, 26 January 2016

IB Convention 2016

IB convention 2016 was held in Taurage on January 15th-16th. IB convention is an educational project created by International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme students of Kaunas Jesuit Gymnasium. It strives to bring together first year IBDP students from across Lithuania in order to promote communication, cooperation and amity among schools.

This year's IB convention focused on the importance of service through students‘ active participation in a variety of service activities. The convention also devoted plenty of time to allow students to share their daily challenges, explore the academic side of IB and indulge in creative work.   
After warm opening words from the principle of Tauragė Versmė gymnasium, coordinator of IB convention Justina Čižniauskaitė introduced the participants with the agenda of convention.
Firstly, students played fun and relaxing ice-breaking games which were designed by TVG students. Afterwards it was time for more serious activity – visits to Tauragė kindergarden and day care centre. There IBDP students could demonstrate their personal attributes developped from IB learner‘s profile: empathy, tolerance, care and honesty.
Second part of the day started with IB compass game. The goal of this game was to help each student know where they are in IB and if they are going in the right direction. The rules are very simple – everyone had to stand in a straight line and close their eyes. Justina was reading statements and if a person agrees with it, he must go one step forward, if not – stay still. After the game students had a little reflection session in groups and shared their feelings and experience in IBDP.
Later everyone was invited to listen to a speech delivered by Saulius Bagdonas, founder of „Aktyvi Tauragė".
The evening was far from boring as well. It was time for CAS simulation, where participants were put into groups and they had to come up with projects that included two or three CAS components, to briefly design them and present. 
Next stop – brain battles. After long, interesting and tense game cam free time where students spent time talking, sharing impressions of the convention and just building friendships among each other.
The next day of the event was as exciting as the first one. Immediately after delicious breakfast, students were invited to participate in Orientational Game. During it not only did they get a chance to know Tauragė better, but they also did fun and amusing tasks.
Before the end of the convention, its coordinator Justina did a presentation on universities all around the world, their requirements and possibilities. Moreover, the advantages and disadvantages of gap year were discussed as well.
Team of Šiauliai Didždvaris Gymnasium (IB1: Vytautė Milvydaitė, Klaudija Švambarytė, Eglė Jurgaitytė, Vytenis Šliogeris, Natas Kanišauskas; IB2: Aneta Urbonaitė, Mantas Kleinas, Lukas Vaitkus, Emilija Kazlauskaitė) also had an opportunity to participate in this convention. Not only did they bring unforgettable memories and experience, but they also found a lot of new friends.

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